About Womenr4Empowerment



Empower, Nurture & Transform humanity: It is the amalgamation of different visions brought together to give under served individuals and community means to live with dignity, self esteem, respect and love.. Helping eradicate poverty at the grass root level through Sustainable Social credit loans.

  • Women4Empowerment Organization (W4E) is a non-profit organization created to empower underserved people with the universal opportunity to live with dignity, self-esteem, respect and love, in USA especially in east coast and under served communities globally.
  • Our goal and mission is to create inspired, innovative & inclusive communities that are sustainable economically, socially and environmentally, and to develop platforms for the full participation of women and youth globally.
  • W4E provides a hand up instead of a hand-out, ensuring that recipients thrive through the power of Sustainable Credit loans, rather than a historical dependence on charity.  This unique model strives to overcome poverty at the grass root level through a more efficient use of capital and innovation.Our primary focus is building financially inclusive communities, by helping hard-working individuals develop their existing skills into profitable, self-sustaining small businesses, in a nurturing, loving and supportive environment
  • Knowing that access to affordable quality health care is essential for communities to thrive economically and socially, A4E advocates for community access to quality healthcare and wellness programs, essential for long-term growth and prosperity.
    Our mission is to enhance and provide the necessary platform for full participation of girls, women and youth globally through their economic and social empowerment.
  • We want to empower them to be change agents for the future and improve one community, one country at a time, soon to have an impact big enough to transform the world one day. Every human being can be “A Source of Change”


W4E is a Non Profit Organization in USA , working to create awareness and Stop violence against Women and Girls globally . It is formed on the virtue of positivity. Our goal is to provide a great platform for girls, Women and Youth for array of projects, services and events that will help empower individuals who will in turn have an affirmative impact on their own community and move towards positive social change .

We want all our members, W4E Ambassadors & affiliates to experience and enjoy the Luxury of giving.

Members, W4E Ambassadors are encouraged to volunteer their time, donate things and support through fund raising activities to successfully execute projects that transform lives & change communities positively.

W4E is collective action to bring about a positive change in the society by responsible individuals.

W4E Members

The W4E Leadership Team Members are a diverse group of donors , volunteers, Advisors ,who share a passionate commitment for Giving back. Be it time, cash and kind to W4E’s projects and leadership globally. Team Members work closely with W4E’s board advisors and Board Director’s: Mainly to spread awareness and broaden our Mission to help Humanity spread Dignity through Compassion, love,respect, empathy through sustainable projects with uner served communities in USA and Globally. This is implemented through Social Credit Platform. Membership and Advisors in the Leadership Team of W4E is by personal invitation of the W4E Board.


Our pledge is to work in partnership with individuals, organizations, foundations, non profits, governments and the private sector to economically empower girls, women and youth to be the W4E Ambassadors of economic development, political stability and social change.


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