Candle decoration Project with Refugees & Human Trafficked Survivors

Candle decoration Project with Refugees & Human Trafficked Survivors

To attain it’s mission , W4E partners with existing community organizations. Instead of working in silos, W4E collaborates with other effective nonprofits to identify as well as work with qualified social entrepreneurs, including educational Institutes like UC San Diego and Alliance4Empowerment. With our partner organizations, W4E leverages global connections and provides the expertise to enable them to maximize their impact, increase employment and use resources sustainably.

W4E supports and partners with A4E and U C San Diego , Social Impact & Innovation to reach to under served communities of City Heights in San Diego. One such project is Candle Decoration Project conducted by Dr.. Rampyari Walia . The United Women of East Africa Participated and many refugees learnt and participated in this project successfully. They have made hundreds of Candle which are ready to go to market.

We will hold hands to support them with a go to market business plan. We want to support few refugee and human trafficked families get a sustainable earning trough these candle business. We will teach them to package these candles and take them through quality assurance . The Students of UC San Diego through UC SD Social Impact & Innovation Program will support them to make worthwhile business strategy. They will hold hands to support the refugees to be sustainable with their business plan. The students in return will get credit for community service. W4E will partner with Alliance4Empowerment nw and in the future with all community based projects.

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