Dignity Food Truck

Dignity Food Truck


Establish W4E, A4E and UCSD our mission to serve under served community to live a life with Dignity, love and respect. This will be through sustainable social business. W4E does annual fund raising to support social uplifting projects in underserved cities of USA.

UC San Diego as a known social impact university will be expanding their offering and student learning opportunities outside the classroom, and providing an inclusive opportunity for all campus personnel to be the source of change.

Provide a low-cost, premium meal option to the community and students looking for a healthier alternative to fast food. At approximately $7–10 per meal, the food truck would offer meals that are both freshly made and affordable on a student budget. 2) Empower the settled female refugees and survivors of human trafficking who will be the owners of the food trucks to create a sustainable business that can bring their families out of poverty While also raising awareness of social issues affecting the surrounding community.

Background: UCSD’S office of Social Impact and Innovation was created in June 2016 to bolster UCSD’s standing as a university exemplifying innovation and service through the promotion of Research, education and service activities that will connect faculty and students with social ventures tackling worldwide problems, such as poverty and human trafficking. The food truck project aims to bring 15 female refugees (many of whom are victims of human trafficking) and their families out of poverty by providing them with a small business that they can own and operate and has the potential to replace their $1,000-a- month in subsidized income to a sustainable and livable $5,000-a- month in earned income.

The proposed Dignity food truck would sell tacos, tamales, papusas, and other traditional dishes made from scratch by the owners – often from long-time family recipes – using locally-sourced food.

Outcome: The food truck project will promote positive social change using a social credit dynamic that accelerates economic empowerment through optimum use of capital. The result is that those who need help can better help themselves, and those who want to help have an opportunity to “be the source of change” simply by buying a meal. By sharing their stories as well as their food traditions, not only will the food truck owners become self-reliant, but students and members of the community will also become self-aware of their power to make a difference with even the smallest of acts.
This project aims to engage all members of the underserved community, large organizations and the entire campus.
we hope to create exponential change in the lives of those in need.


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