Social-Credit Empowerment

Dynamic acceleration of economic empowerment through increased efficiency of capital.

Economic Empowerment (Crux of Social-Credit)

  • Overcome poverty at the granular level through the increased efficiency use of capital & innovation
  • Support a Life with Dignity, Self-esteem, Respect and Love.
  • Earn a Living without being dependent on Charity


  1. Poor communities possess fundamental skills that sit underutilized. They are a legacy of successful civilizations and remain an inherent part of any community. Jobs may have been lost, yet skills remain.  Identify and shape these skills into a new platform for community cohesion, growth and sustainability.
  2. Maximize existing human capital and low cost State-of-the -Art technology & innovation to start community based self-sustaining businesses and create jobs.
  3. Eliminate charity as the primary source of capital.  Money should be earned through creation of sustainable businesses.
  4. Ensure Economic Empowerment of individuals, as well as self-esteem and dignity for all through skills building and personal commitment to business success.
  5. Community development through Entrepreneurship building and by addressing social problems.
  6. Investors get back their net investment after the agreed minimum term of 1 year to maximum of 3 years.
  7. Investors are our partners, they share a nano percentage profit monthly, equivalent to no more than 2% interest on invested amount, but can accept less or as per inflation rate of country.
  8. For investors: Their money can be kept in the bank only for themselves but with Social- Credit it touches many lives and economically empowers others to lead a life with dignity, self-esteem, love and respect.
  9. Investors have the option of withdrawing their investment after the loan term is finished or re-investing it with more economic empowerment projects. After sharing a percentage with investor(s), the projects retain a portion of the profit to further be enhanced and scaled up.
  10. Investment on selected project(s) has to have mentors and be sustainable.


Socially and Economically grow people one at a time.

Grow self-worth, dignity, self-esteem, and living without dependence on charity.

Spread 1% good every day. Do it with passion, reflect positive energy from the soul. It has to have Soul Synergy.


C – Change Community

R – Respect Others

E – Economic Empowerment

D – Dignity for All

I – Inspire every life you touch

T – Transformation of individual and society


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