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Jeanine Ballone

Innovative global executive with corporate and non-profit experience specializing in sustainable product development & global sourcing in luxury apparel, accessories, home furnishings & lifestyle products.

Industry Experience

Global Luxury Brands Executive, Sustainability & Business Strategist, Environmental Social Governance Executive, Innovation & Product Development Professional, Non-Profit leader, Supply Chain & Manufacturing, Circular Fashion, Material Engineering Expert.

Functional Experience

Business & Innovation transformation, Sustainable & New Business Development, Corporate ESG, Material & Product Development, Strategy C-Level Relationship Building, Brand Growth & Expansion, Building & developing Innovation Labs & capabilities, Organizational Grant & Fundraising, Board Governance, Program Development, Compliance.

With three decades of experience in the fashion and lifestyle industry, Jeanine Ballone harnesses her vast experience and knowledge of building results-driven solutions to create a more compassionate and sustainable future. Her reputation as a leader working toward a goal of responsibility has helped her cultivate expertise in global sourcing, product development, technology innovation, production, and business analysis. She creates innovative, cutting-edge solutions that pioneer innovation and maximize brand objectives and profitability while maintaining levels of sustainability that improve the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

As Managing Director of Fashion 4 Development (F4D), Ms. Ballone spearheads a global platform that works to establish and launch responsible materials, technology, and product development in the fashion and lifestyle industries. Fashion 4 Development is a private sector global platform that launched in 2011 in cooperation with the Office of the UN Secretary-General. F4D supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as well as the “Every Woman, Every Child” Initiative. She works with various United Nation offices including the building of a new platform in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The goal has always been to build a better world, using her experience and knowledge to push the industry forward. With multiple patents and creative development strategies, Ms. Ballone has championed environmental sustainability practices at all levels of the industry.

Her expertise has been instrumental in developing the World Collective, a globally minded supply chain resource hub for transformative innovation. Through innovation, action, and communication, the World Collective harnesses the economy of scale, invests in regenerative practices, and works toward the goals of sustainability. Additionally, she leads quarterly digital publication, reClothe that works to inform and educate fashion and lifestyle industry professionals on the next generation of circular economy and how to positively impact the value chain. Built by industry professionals, experts, scientists, and academics, reClothe provides solutions, technology, fabric suppliers, dye houses, and finishers currently working on sustainable and scalable standards.

Ms. Ballone has spent two decades of her career leading product development, supply chain, and innovation for some of the largest global apparel brands (including The Otto Group, Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger.) Additionally, she has built & led international product development and supply chain operations, specifically in Asia, India, Turkey, and Germany. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, American College of London & the Harvard University Design Thinking Program.

Her time in India especially opened her eyes to the need for more responsible and sustainable practices, and in 2011 she founded the non-profit Zero to Hero to provide better living and working conditions for the women and children involved in the rural cotton industry. Ms. Ballone has used her experience and expertise to drive sustainability and champion environmental and social practices throughout the fashion and lifestyle industry. She continues to believe in the industry’s ability to build a better world.


SUTD-MIT International Design Center

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Open Style Lab

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Advisory Board Member

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Jeanine Ballone