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Zainah Nauman

Zainah Nauman is a 16 year old sophomore at Western School Of Technology and Environmental Science. She is working towards Graphic print communication certification at her high school. She has taken visual arts for 3 years prior to entering high school. She has always been highly creative and skilled in sculpting, photography, painting, sketching, photo editing, print media, animation, and video editing.

Besides that she has played many different sports including basketball, badminton, and lacrosse. She is an expert swimmer and learned Taekwondo skills in her very early age. She also actively helps around her school and community. She has been a part of homework helpers, national junior honor society, and helped out/participated in MESA (mathematics, engineering, science, and achievement) and has won multiple awards.

Zainah is also a Senior girl scout and has learned many leadership/entrepreneur skills. She enjoys reading and writing and has won many writing competitions. Including getting to meet John Green (author of The Fault In Our Stars).

She has traveled to over 10 countries. and is trilingual. Zainah’s goals are to go to medical school to become a psychiatrist. She plans to continue working for her community and make helpful contributions.